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Piquette Sparkling Wine

Our Piquette wine was created with a fun element in mind. It was based on the goat (of our logo - Nubian Ibex) with a twist to show that it's not just for the Romans to enjoy. It's a fun drink, enjoyed chilled, and sort of tastes between a wine and a beer. It's made by adding water to fermented grape pomace and then we have added some organic honey from our own beehives and refermented and bottled it.

Our Piquette comes as a stand-alone product.

Mersel Wine's Piquette

Piquette 2021

Piquette Sparkling Wine - 750ml

Image of Piquette from Mersel Wine in Lebanon

First Made: 2021

Grape: Muscat (40%), Sauvignon Blanc (30%), Merwah (30%)

Farming: Organic

Yield: 17-20hL / Ha

Alcohol Content: 9.5%

Residual Sugar: 2 g/L

PH Level: 3.5

Region:  Deir El Ahmar, Bekaa Valley (1,200m) - Muscat vines, 7 years old

Ainata, Bekaa Valley (1,700m) - Sauvignon Blanc vines, 12 years old

Dimane, Qannboubine Valley (1,600m) – Indigenous Merwah vines, over 150 years old

Best Opened: Best to open at 5-8 degrees celsius as one would a Champagne due to wine’s persistent bubble.

Winemaking Method: Grapes were pressed lightly, leftover wet grapes went back to concrete tank where water was added to dilute and ferment remaining sugars.This went on for 5-10 days. Juice was then racked off, and was allowed to settle over winter. Organic honey from our own bees was added to restart fermentation in spring - No SO2 added.

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