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Our wine carries the story of our heritage, the passion of our ancestors, the strength of our mountains and the perseverance of our people.

Our wines are 100% organic with no additives, no fining, and no filtering.


LebNat PetNat

Pétillant Naturel Wine

Our Pétillant Naturel wine is inspired by the God of Wine, Bacchus, whose temple is found in Baalbeck. We wanted to create a simple, natural wine for everyone to enjoy, that's why we made a Pét Nat using the ancestral method. We bottle before the first fermentation is complete then disgorge and refill the bottle and wait for further fermentation to work naturally in the bottle creating a lighter, crisper and a more cleaner, natural sparkling wine. 
Our LebNat Pét Nat comes in two ranges: LebNat Pét Nat Gold and LebNat Pét Nat Pink Rosé (click to know more)

Phoenix Merwah

Skin-Contact Wine

Our Phoenix Merwah Skin-Contact line comes from the rise of the Lebanese national bird, the Phoenix. The firebird that keeps rising, using its passion and determination to try something new. We are one of the first wineries in Lebanon to produce a completely natural, organic wine that is free from additives and that is unfined and unfiltered. 
Our Phoenix Merwah wines come in two ranges: Phoenix Merwah Field Blend and Phoenix Merwah Skin-Contact (click to know more)

Phoenix Line.png
Dar Richi.png

Dar Richi - Hanan

Red Still Wine

Dar Richi Hanan was created by a Syrian refugee named Abdullah Richi who moved to Lebanon to escape the atrocities of the Syrian war. Abdullah was interested in winemaking and through observational learning with our wine maker, Eddie Chami, he developed this red still wine and named it after his wife - Hanan. 
Abdullah's dream is to go back to Syria and establish his own winery there. At Mersel Wine, we encourage people to follow their dreams and are all for giving back to the community and leaving a positive impact on others. Way to go Abdullah for creating this sensational wine (click to know more)


Still Organic Natural Wine in 1L Bottles

Our Lebnani wines were created with the intention to show the world the beauty of Lebanon's history and culture. We have even incorporated these elements in the design of the bottle. The Lebnani range comes in 1000ml bottles (as opposed to the standard 750ml wine bottle) and is filled with still natural organic wine that is free from additives and that is unfined and unfiltered. 

Our Lebnani wines come in two types: Lebnani Ahmar (red) and Lebnani Abyad (white) - click to know more

Lebnani Bottles.jpeg


Piquette Sparkling Wine

Piquette was created with a fun element in mind. It was based on the goat (of our logo - Nubian Ibex) with a twist to show that it's not just for the Romans to enjoy. It's a fun drink, enjoyed chilled, and sort of tastes between a wine and a beer. It's made by adding water to fermented grape pomace and then we have added some organic honey from our own beehives and refermented and bottled it.

Piquette comes as a stand-alone product (click to know more)

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