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Still Natural Wine in 1L Bottles

Our Lebnani wines were created with the intention to show the world the beauty of Lebanon's history and culture. We have even incorporated these elements in the design of the bottle. The Lebnani range comes in 1000ml bottles (as opposed to the standard 750ml wine bottle) and is filled with still natural organic wine that is free from additives and that is unfined and unfiltered. 

Our Lebnani wines come in two types:

Lebnani Abyad and Lebnani Ahmar (White and Red) wine from Mersel Wine that comes in 1000ml or 1 Litre bottle

Lebnani Ahmar 2022

Natural Still Red Wine - 1000ml

Lebnani Ahmar is a red wine that comes in a 1 litre bottle from Mersel Wine made of Cinsault grapes

First Made: 2020

Grape: Cinsaut (100%)

Farming: Organic

Yield: 20hL / Ha

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Residual Sugar: 0 g/L

PH Level: 3.5

Region: Deir El Ahmar, Bekaa Valley (1,200m) - Cinsaut vines, 10 years old

Best Opened: Best to open at 18 degrees celsius as one would a red wine.

Winemaking Method: Hand-harvested in September, destemmed into a concrete tank. The tank is then sealed and a native fermentation slowly goes on for up to two weeks at 25 degrees celsius. The skins are pressed off and the fermentation continues for an additional week. The wine is then left to go through MLF.

Lebnani Abyad 2022

Natural Still White Wine - 1000ml

Lebnani Abyad is a white wine made from Mersel Wine that comes in a 1 Litre Bottle or 1000ml

First Made: 2020

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc (60%), Merwah (40%)

Farming: Organic

Yield: 10hL / Ha

Alcohol Content: 13%

Residual Sugar: 0 g/L

PH Level: 3.2

Region: Bcharre, Qannboubine Valley - North Lebanon (1,700m)

Indigenous Merwah vines, over 150 year old

Ainata, Bekaa Valley (1,700m) - Sauvignon Blanc vines, 12 years old

Best Opened: Best to open at 10 degrees celsius as one would a white wine.

Winemaking Method: Sauvignon Blanc picked first week of August, partially destemmed, partially pressed, free-run juice added back on skins in stainless tanks. Punch down occurs twice daily. It ferments for three weeks at 17 degrees celsius. An additional two weeks of maceration is done.

Merwah is harvested in the first week of October, it goes a slow ferment on skins for three weeks. It is then pressed and blended with the Sauvignon Blanc. The wines go through MLF naturally, they are racked twice before being bottled in late spring.

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