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LebNat PetNat



Natural Sparkling Pet-Nat Red Wine - 750ml

First Made: 2020

Grape: Cinsault (100%)

Farming: Organic

Yield: Cinsault: 20hL / Ha 

Alcohol Content: 12.5%

Residual Sugar: 0 g/L

PH Level: 3.1

SO2: 23 PPM


Deir El Ahmar, Bekaa Valley (1,200m) - Cinsaut vines, 10 years old

Best Opened: Best to open at 5-8 degrees celsius as one would a Champagne due to the wine's persistent bubbles.

Winemaking Method: The wines are pressed, and stabulation happens in tank at 8c for 5 days. This allows for the juice and pulp to spend time together before fermentation starts.

The wine then starts fermentation for about 20 days at 14c, it is then bottled at 3 PSI, and it completes fermentation in the bottle, where it rests on lees for 1 year. It is then disgorged in August.

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